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Island Jerky

ABOUT: Island Jerky is made by 3J’s Smokehouse in Sidney, BC and is not your typical jerky. We create the best hickory wood smoked beef jerky available in BC. Founded in 2013 in Sidney, BC.

The Smokehouse has been a local producer on Vancouver Island. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality of beef and spices that produces a lean true wood smoked beef jerky. Available in Original (that is wheat free) and Teriyaki (that is not sweet) and our newest flavour Black Pepper (also wheat free) - our customers can never get enough.

Jerry, Judy and Jodi owners of 3J’s with over 25 years of experience make Island Jerky in small hand crafted batches (which adds a subtle flavour that doesn’t overpower the high-quality beef) and has a moist, tender texture. If you are looking for a true lean wood smoked jerky - Island Jerky will be your one and only Jerky.

PRODUCTS OFFERED: Beef Jerky - perfect snacks for hikes and walks. Put some meat on your next fundraiser by selling the best beef jerky. Our Island Beef jerky comes in two flavors. It's perfect for selling in schools, at sports teams, or at the office because people of all ages are looking for a healthier, meaty snack to satisfy their hunger cravings.





PHONE: 250-655-0591

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