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Norwex Consultants

ABOUT: Norwex offers environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. Our high quality microfiber has the tested ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water. Improve your quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in your home. We are real people who genuinely want to be a force for good, for our families, pets as well as our planet. We are focused on being the best for our world. Check out the Norwex Catalogue and see our contact information below to place your order.

PRODUCTS OFFERED: Pet towel, pet drying mitt, and odour eliminator. We also carry the Microfiber mop system, plant based enzyme cleaners and odor eliminators, concentrated laundry detergents, products designed to replace single use plastics and paper towels, body lotion, hand cream, shampoo and so much more including new personal use reusable masks.

HOW THIS EXHIBITOR IS HANDLING COVID-19: Personal Use Face Masks Are Also Coming! That’s not all. Norwex began adapting its business to meet people’s needs during these difficult times. Due to many requests, Norwex began testing on various Norwex Microfiber cloths for permeability filtration. Their testing showed that the Window Cloth fabric performed best, able to filter out 60% of particles 0.4 microns and larger. Because of this testing, Norwex has begun production of personal use reusable masks! *applause!* These masks will also contain Norwex BacLock silver, which has properties for self-purification. I’m so grateful that Norwex is willing to adapt and create a brand new product that will be helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19.


CALL OR TEXT: 250-216-2383

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