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V.I. Ferret Education Rescue Team

ABOUT: Started in Nov 2015, by Cheryl Delling and Yolanda MacLaren, they both privately rescued and kept ferrets in need but when their own groups started growing, they realized there was a need for a ferret rescue here on Vancouver Island. V.I. FERT then came to be and has a simple mission and simple goals: provide care and find homes for surrendered ferrets as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment and care of ferrets. We take all ferrets from any situation and even bring them over from the BC mainland if the need arises. We have built up with a wonderful team of volunteers up and down the island. We have come a long way and placed many ferrets in loving homes, our hearts get entwined with our fosters and we are always sad to see them go, but thanks to our thorough adoption process we know they are going into a wonderful furever home. Sadly some our intakes just can’t pull through and we have also grieved the loss of these poor ferts, and take comfort that they were loved and cared for until the end.

We will continue to grow and build and rescue, rehabilitate and love all ferrets that come through our doors.

HOW THIS EXHIBITOR IS HANDLING COVID-19: Ferrets are susceptible to influenza and other respiratory infections due to their similar physiology. That means humans and ferrets can share COVID 19.

With the rapid spread of COVID 19, we all need to do what we can to limit exposure of humans and ferrets to this disease. VI FERT will continue to operate during this pandemic. We are currently adjusting our procedures to better protect ferrets and our volunteers.

We are determined to do what we can to protect and care for ferrets in need.



PHONE: 250-465-0425

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